Slow Down & Fill Your Cup

Remote Reiki Sessions are designed to help you reduce stress, fill your cup, and recharge your energy.

If you're looking for a rejuvenating self-care experience to help you unplug and relax - this session is for you.​​



What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to promote physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional healing and well-being. 

Benefits of Reiki may include:

  • Stress reduction  

  • Relaxation and a sense of inner calm and peace

  • Renewed energy and outlook

  • Promotes self-healing abilities

  • Enhances your spiritual connection and meditation practice 

  • Improved sleep

  • And so much more!

You can learn more about how Reiki works here.

Remote/distant sessions are available because Reiki can be sent across space and time, which means that we do not need to be in the same physical location to receive the benefits. 

What happens in a session?

1. We meet via Zoom to connect and discuss any intentions or questions you may have.

2. You sit or lay back while I share Reiki energy with you.

3. We have a brief conversation to close our time together.

Investment: $50 per 60-minute session