Individual coaching to help empaths and highly sensitive souls (like you) restore your clarity, confidence, and well-being.



Individual coaching is customized to suit your needs and can be used to explore how to:

  • Manage stress and find direction when navigating a life/career change or transition

  • Build habits and practices to enhance your focus, productivity, and well-being

  • Explore what's next and create an approachable game plan to get you unstuck and moving forward

  • Reduce stress, prioritize self-care, and prevent burnout

  • Create a career wellness plan, healthy boundaries, and work/life balance

  • Increase self-confidence and tame your inner critic

I offer monthly coaching packages held virtually (via phone, video, or email) during regular business hours CST.

If you're interested in coaching, I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation where we can get to know one another a bit and explore working together.​​​ There will be no sales pitch or pressure, just a conversation. If it doesn't feel like the right fit, I'm happy to recommend other practitioners and resources.




“I started working with Nicole when I was in a rut with my career and I needed another voice to help me navigate what was next for me. Deciding to get coaching was one of the best decisions I could have made. Even though I felt like I had my life together, there are just some things that are easier to talk through with someone else to find better clarity. 

She has a wonderful way of hearing what you are saying and putting into more tangible terms that you can grow from. 

As a result of coaching, I feel empowered and validated that I was being as proactive as I could be to find the right path for me and supported through the tough times. I also learned to listen to my values more and stay true to the things that matter to me most.” 

Loni - private coaching client