Hi, I'm Nicole.

I'm a personal coach, facilitator, and self-care enthusiast.

My work is all about finding joyful, practical, and sustainable ways to slow down and care for ourselves so that we have the energy to care for each other and the world.

Welcome to my online space where you'll find resources and inspiration for intentional, creative, heart-centered living. 

What others have said…

“My experience working with Nicole was transformational in subtle yet powerful ways. I don’t think it would have been nearly as helpful if it wasn’t for her nonjudgmental and very gentle approach. I found Nicole held a safe space for me to share my biggest challenges and my joys as well. This kind of work takes trust and the ability to be vulnerable and together we made this possible. Nicole is gifted in that she uses her intuition, wisdom, and listening skills to be present and be a guiding light on your journey. Self-acceptance/love and practicing gratitude are both so important to living an authentic and happy life, and Nicole encourages both while practicing them in her daily life too. Coaching with Nicole is an incredible gift to give yourself or to give to someone you love!”

Katie 1:1 Coaching Client, Retreat Participant

“Nicole is so passionate about helping others find the balance they crave! She is gifted in assisting others by listening then giving strategies that fit your life and lifestyle! In my time working with Nicole, she helped me re-align my life to a more centered, happy, and “full” place. Thank you, Nicole, for giving of your talents and spirit. What a blessing you are to those who are fortunate enough to get to call you coach!”

Erin 1:1 Coaching Client

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicole for years and have enjoyed having her as my go-to person for guidance, support, and perspective. She has a way about her that instantly and naturally makes you feel safe, loved, accepted, and held in the highest regard. She has always had the uncanny ability for setting the energy/tone for a space or event, seeming to know exactly what the group wants and needs. I highly recommend working with Nicole in any capacity that you can, as she will surely guide you to where your soul has been urging you to go.” 

Nova CPCC, Spiritual Alignment Coach, CWG Coach

“Nicole has a knack for opening you to all you have to love about yourself. She creates a safe and non-competitive place and space of no judgment, a wonderful environment of not only self-love, but love and true compassion. Through her beautiful presence and her own honest work with self-love and alignment, she guides with an open heart and mind.”

Alia Retreat Participant