Personal Coaching & Energy Work to help you mindfully navigate the dating experience and prepare for romantic love and connection.



Are you an empathic, spiritually-oriented, heart-centered being who:

  • Deeply desires romantic love and connection?

  • Feels frustrated and discouraged with the dating world?

  • Is starting to wonder if there's something wrong with you? (there's not)

  • Is always second-guessing yourself and doubting your decisions?

  • Wants the dating process to be filled with compassion, respect, and kindness (for yourself and others)?

  • Would like to approach dating with feminine wisdom, intuition, spirituality, and magic?

If so, this program is for you!
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This program will help you:

  • Gain clarity about your relationship values, desires, and needs.

  • Learn to have more fun and patience with the dating process.

  • Experience less anxiety and more courage when on dates and getting to know people. 

  • Build confidence in yourself and what you bring to the table.

  • Strengthen your ability to hear & trust your intuition as you meet new people and make decisions.

  • Identify and shift the inner blocks and limiting beliefs that are getting in your way.

  • Create healthy and loving boundaries that honor your needs and desires.

  • Feel content and grateful for your life right now, so you're not waiting for the perfect relationship to make everything better.

  • Protect and recharge your energy as you go about meeting new people and putting yourself out there.

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Packages start at $350 and include: 

  • Private video coaching sessions 

  • Distant/Remote Reiki sessions for holistic integration

  • Access to my Mindful Dating Toolkit loaded with helpful tools & practices you can move through at your own pace

  • Email coaching for support and accountability


Schedule a complimentary consultation HERE where we can get to know one another a bit, discuss details, and make sure there's a fit before you commit.

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"Nicole has a way of holding space for people that makes you feel seen, accepted and deeply cared for. I was able to be raw in and real in our sessions in a way that I haven’t been with other coaches. She has an incredible intuition that lead her to the heart of my issues quickly, while giving me the bandwidth to explore new perspectives. I walked away from our sessions together feeling lighter, with renewed faith in myself, and excited about my new professional direction. She’s an angel—gentle, kind, and so incredibly loving. I’ll never forget our time together.”

Lori - private coaching client